Submitting to DLJ Online

Policy Overview

DLJ Online welcomes any submissions by undergraduate students at any institution. Graduate or law students, law professors, and legal practitioners may submit full length articles to the print edition of the Dartmouth Law Journal, adhering to the guidelines posted here.

Subject matter for DLJ Online articles can be broad and diverse as long as there is some legal or policy implication. All submissions are subject to editing. Articles will be published exclusively on DLJ Online following completion of a publication contract and a two-week editorial period.

Recommended length: under 10,000 words, excluding footnotes.

Submission method: The DLJ accepts DLJ Online submissions via email at Please indicate that you wish to submit to DLJ Online in your message. Please attach the most recent version of the article, along with a CV.

Expedited Review

The DLJ accepts requests for expedited review in the event that you have received an offer of acceptance from another publication. If an article was emailed, we accept expedite requests at the same address.

Citations and Ethics

Text and citations for Print submissions to our biannual publication should conform to the 20th edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. Footnotes are strongly preferred over endnotes.

Submissions by undergraduates to DLJ Online should adhere to some type of recognized and widespread form of citation, Chicago or MLA style being preferred.

We will not accept submissions that have already been published in other publications, either in print or online. The DLJ has no tolerance for plagiarized work.


If you have any questions about the DLJ’s submissions policy, please contact the editors at

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